Etq Store

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Lead ArchitectJos van Dijk
Design Team

ETQ, a young Dutch footwear brand asked studiojosvandijk to design an Iconic and minimalistic store that would set a new standard in Amsterdam retail, and preferably beyond. The studio was given a carte blanche and in mutual confidence the potential of the project grew so big during the design process that attention of many international high end brands was drawn. At that stage the plans were adjusted to host a multibrand fashion store instead of a monobrand sneaker heaven. However the ETQ shoes are still the most prominent product, being presented on a 100 shoe sneaker grid in the back of the basement, as an impressive sculpture that draws attention straight from the entrance of the store at street level. The plaza-like feel of the basement which was a conceptual focus point came to live by reconstructing parts of the building. Tons of concrete were moulded into monolithic anthracite fitting rooms and massive pieces of furniture. The summit of minimalism was found in the principle of ‘creating by deleting’ and getting rid of all unnecessary details.