PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
CompanyChen Interior Design
Design Team
Project Videohttp://

This is a long-space design in order to highlight the tension and the store could get the expanded visual effects. Especially the uneven quartz walls could match to the light and extending the wooden line, making a extended sight from the entrance all the way to the bottom and creating a space level. Wood factor could make a feeling of warm atmospheres and it makes the restaurant back to the original flavor so that the chef here could make the most heart-warming food. Without using exaggerated modifications and less intense color, lines here are no longer complex. It will be a released space for both the chef and the people who dining here. This space not only brings diners deeper emotional feelings but also creats a beautiful picture of food and space' balance. The wooden framed window next to the entrance serves as a showcase and creates a brand new visual effect, which turns the notion of mysterious aspects of Japanese cuisine on its head. In addition, an octagonal dining table right after the entrance gate features the versatility of being utilized as a display case when this lift table is in the lower position. The wall opposite to the bar section, embellished with stone panels in a cubic manner, runs the length of the restaurant to connect other parts on the same theme. Unlike the conventional setting of Japanese restaurants, the refrigerator is not installed on the countertop and the distance between chefs and customers is shortened as a result. With the chef’s skills and cordiality, the culinary process was transformed into performing art. Furthermore, a private room was incorporated into the design as an ideal venue for family gatherings and social events.