Re-inventing a 1970s institutional building to a net-zero energy, super-low carbon School of Design and Environment calibrated to the Equator. Credits: Ong Chan Hao

School of Design and Environment 1 & 3

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
Project locationSingapore
CompanyNUS School of Design and Environment | SDE Special Projects – Erik G. L’Heureux, Giovanni Cossu, Bertrand Lasternas
Lead ArchitectErik L'Heureux FAIA, NUS SDE with CPG Consultants
Design TeamStructural: E2000 Pte Ltd, Singapore; M&E: WSP Consultancy Pte Ltd, Singapore; Contractor: Lian Soon Construction Pte Ltd, Singapore; Quantity Surveyor: Quants Associates; Project Manager: Office of Estate Development, University Campus Infrastructure
ClientNational University of Singapore (NUS)

SDE 1&3 is a net-zero, super-low carbon renovation of a 1970s structure from the National University of Singapore masterplan designed by SJ van Embden. The 22,000 sq.m adaptive reuse features a series of critical subtractions and additions creating a new identity and interface with climate and context. Coupled with intelligent building systems, it minimizes new carbon expenditure, using an estimated 1/3rd of a new-build project of the same scale. Holistically, the project infuses the School of Design and Environment with a new architectural quality and environmental stewardship on the Equator.