Dream Machine By Wer2

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Retail, Bronze in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm Location10012, United States
CompanyReddymade Architecture & Design Pllc
Lead ArchitectSuchi Reddy
Design TeamSara Meltzer, Julian Millar, Lacy Willams

weR2 (we are two) is a collaborative venture for housewares and accessories launched by architect and interior designer Suchi Reddy and former gallerist Sara Meltzer. Born of a shared passion for art, design and finely crafted objects, weR2 launched in 2013 with products by Nathan Chrislip, Moyna Flannigan, Jason Middlebrook and Kate Shepherd and will produce a new series of products each year. Inspired by Richard Hamilton’s iconic 1956 photo-collage Just what is it that makes today’s home so different, so appealing?, the Dream Machine is the most elaborate weR2 collaboration to date . Part exhibition space and part travel trailer, everything from the exterior surface and interior design to the products that fill the space have been created or curated by weR2. Internationally recognized artist Ryan McGinness has been commissioned to create graphics for the aluminum exterior of the bullet-shaped vehicle.