Bogota Chamber of Commerce 95Th Street

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationBogota, Colombia
CompanyArquint Colombia
Lead ArchitectTrino Sanchez
Design TeamCarolina Roa Carlos Uribe Daniel Talero
ClientBogota Chamber of Commerce

The Design of the new site had a very clear concept of allowing the users of the chamber of commerce to live a Different experience. The experience in terms of service had to have a positive impact in the client and its behaviors towards the process. Design was based in transforming the way that attention is given, giving different environments and layouts of the spaces. The user has the opportunity of doing any operation by interacting differently, in a bench, on a 1 on 1 desk, on a booth or with technology tools available. This generated different scenarios that turn the experience into something unique, transforming the image the chamber of commerce has, towards a vanguard and technology focused institution.