Walking Concrete

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Apartments Interior
Firm LocationHarkujärve, Estonia
CompanyKodasema Oü
Lead ArchitectÜlar Mark
Design TeamHannes Tamjärv, Taavi Jakobson, Ülar Mark (architect), Marek Strandberg, Kalev Ramjalg, Kadri Tonto (interior design)
ClientKodasema OÜ

Initially we came together to address two issues: first, housing makes up 40% of the entire energy usage in Europe, and second, the construction industry has been unchanged for centuries and lagging significantly behind e.g. car or computer industries (speed, quality etc).. In the process, we found two other critical components for housing. As people spend 80-90% of their life inside buildings, inner climate (right levels of CO2, moisture, temperature, light; reduction of noise, (organic) compounds etc) is critical for their daily well- being and long-term health. And finally, “temporary” is considered a synonym of “low quality” in the construction business. Needs of the communities and people change, however. So we should be able to make use of empty slots in the city centres that wait for the new skyscraper to be erected in 10 years. This space could be utilised as a pop-up urban village during this time with their cafés, studios and dwellings. You should not make compromises on: _healthy indoor climate. People spend most of their time indoors. It is not enough that the rooms have decent temperature and light. Indoor air quality (CO2, particulates, mould, …) and moisture, toxicity of finishing materials, indoor and outdoor noise _clever design. Little things matter. Especially if you keep repeating them. Do you want the freedom to leave your bed the way you woke up in the morning? At least on Sundays? Would you prefer that your dirty laundry drawer is ventilated? _energy efficiency. What if your house would generate more energy than it consumes? _sustainability. What story will you tell to your grandchildren about your role in raising sea levels? _freedom of location. What if your house could grow and shrink and … move according to your needs and the needs of the community you choose to live in?