PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Apartments Interior
Firm LocationBrooklyn, United States
CompanyRobert Garneau, Architecture Workshop PC
Lead ArchitectArchitecture Workshop PC
Design Team Robert Garneau
ClientPaul Andersson

Pivot is a pre-war studio revamped into a modern adaptable small space containing a secret bedroom. The brief called for hosting 10 for dinner, sleeping 6, a home office, a private study, and an efficient kitchen for a client that loves to entertain, all within a 400 square foot studio apartment. The project emphasizes open space while overlaying multi-functionality, transforming in response to changing needs. Extensive custom cabinetry creates various spatial experiences depending on use, ranging from serene white walls to lush wood interiors. The layout capitalizes on a pre-existing wall-bed nook to generate an unfolding bedroom concealed behind a pivoting wall. Residents come home to an airy modern apartment where everything has its place. Many elements of the design are multi-functional. Pivoting a large wall cabinet filled with storage creates two separate spaces that can be used independently when needed, in the process revealing a wall-bed with a hidden window that provides daylight to the inner room. Closets on either side of the bed extend out with pull-down rods and drawers creating a large dressing room. A sofa unfolds allowing guests to sleep in their own private room. The kitchen features a backsplash that lifts to reveal storage behind. A height adjustable table can be used for a home office, as additional kitchen counter space, or extended into the main space for dinner guests. A compact washroom feels like a spa with a double sink and a folding glass door that forms a minimalist shower. Entrance closet doors have built-in shelving as well as an illuminated hanging rod. Multi-purpose cabinetry blurs the distinction between architecture and furniture, creating a seamless combination of various functions transformed by occupant interaction. Pivot re-imagines the tiny studio apartment by creating a responsive interior space for urban living that is flexible, sustainable, and engaging.