Becycle-Boutique Fitness Studio

PrizePlatinum in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationBerlin, Germany
Lead ArchitectLien Tran Interior Design, Götz+Bilchev Architekten, DRAA
ClientBeCycle GmbH: Gundula Cöllen, Viola Hütten

BeCycle is a boutique fitness studio located in a former bank in Berlin Mitte. It offers a welcoming environment with a juice bar, a lounge and retail and co-working areas. It is a place where you can exercise, network and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with friends and like-minded people. The design reveals the essential elements of the old building while reinventing the space. A hyper-modern brass structure allows the transition from retail area into restrooms and over to the lockers and built-in water fountain. Retail spaces are cut into the metal structure to display fashion and sport accessories. The brass sculpture finally leads to two studios: the Ride Studio, with its energetic club-like atmosphere and exciting light show, and the Yoga Studio, with its relaxing minimalistic aesthetics. The combination of existing materials like bricks and concrete with new ones like brass, oak and marble, creates a sense of unity throughout the entire interior while defining each room in a unique way. Location Berlin Mitte 2016 Client BeCycle GmbH: Gundula Cöllen, Viola Hütten Interior Design Lien Tran Interior Design Architects Götz & Bilchev Architects, DRAA Photographer Waldemar Salesski Manufacturers/Products Material ID Frankfurt / Brass Panels Werkstelle GbR Berlin / Carpentry Work Characteristics Ground Floor + Cellar Total area. 420 sqm Tags Healthcare, Sports