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Aranzadi Park

PrizeGold in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationCharlottesville, United States
CompanyAldayjover Architecture and Landscape
Lead ArchitectIñaki Alday and Margarita Jover
Design TeamJesus Arcos - Project Manager; Catalina Salva, Marilena Lucivero, Andreu Meixide, Susana Mitjans, Marta Castañe, Hector Ortin, Raquel Villa - collaborating architects; Francisco Mesonero, landscape architect and agroengineer; Roser Vives Delas - Landscape architecture and agroengineer consultant; David Maruny, David Solans-Hydraulic engineering consultants; David Garcia- Structural consultants
ClientMunicipality of Pamplona
Project Videohttp://

Aranzadi Meander, a Privileged Park This is an unusual place, a beautiful meandering between Pamplona and old neighborhoods of Rochapea and Chantrea with a landscape of gardens and vegetation of beautiful specimens yet settled, in a suitable climate for the development of a splendid park to the public. Rebalance the position of strength with which man has been linked with the environment looking for a balance and a covenant is the ultimate goal of this proposal. Environmental Public Park This is a unique and sensitive site in terms of different requirements that must be addressed. We propose to restore the dynamism of a natural meander, in terms of its environmental role with the river corridor what means working the vegetation, wildlife and hydropower. We seek a balance between the needs of high-quality space for citizenship, river dynamics, crop exploitation of local varieties recovered by organic farming and environmental role of the park in the hallway of the Arga river. A River Landscape Based on the pre-existing and doing a thorough analysis of the micro-topography of Aranzadi meander, we deduce and understand its hydraulic logic in flooding, suggesting that the park work with the functionality of the Arga River when the water flow increases, decreasing slightly the frequency of flooding of the gardens while simultaneously creating a river landscape within the park, a natural subject to the seasonal dynamics of flood water. Water is landscape in the park.a new landscape from its history. matter of memory and future.We start with the certainty that the landscape exists, lies in its behavior and its history. We propose a strategy for enhancement of the potential and the traces of the place. The territory has in its settings and behavior a past which is the basis for its future.