Global Trade Square

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings, Silver in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
CompanyHenderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
Lead ArchitectLu Tang Lai Architects Ltd.
ClientHenderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

Global Trade Square is a commercial project situated as the gateway building into a district at the south side of Hong Kong Island. The project has a strong need for the architecture and its functions being a bold statement to lead the district’s transformation from an industrial area into a 21st century commercial hub. Inspired by “Rubik’s Cubes”, the building form captures natural-light throwing an ever- changing interplay of reflections and luminosity. Apart from its iconic architectural language, the building was designed to set a new formula for the future development of an evolving district. Together with the developers, the design team believes in future organic usage of the building in terms of social functions and commercial utilization. One of the main characteristics of this project is the need for a highly flexible floor space, primarily designed for corporate headquarters and office use, but other uses are also possible, such as commercial art gallery, church halls, and restaurants etc. The building is 32 storeys tall, center core with structures minimalized to provide the biggest possible span and flexible floor space. Floor to floor heights are generously at 4.12m. Total floor area is 20,850 m2 with 110 units, ranging from 150 m2 (typical units) to 850 m2 (special units). Ground level contains a generous double height entrance lobby attached to the semi- outdoor passenger drop-off area populated with planting on the walls. Another significant character of the building is its effort to minimalize urban impact by extending the forestry and greenery from its adjacent country park into various parts of the building façade in the form of green walls. The building sets new standards on how milestone projects of a transforming community being able to embrace organic growth providing lessons for other cities.