[Prashant Sutaria Architects (PSA) - ToT- Tower of Terraces. - COVER IMG] Shubhojit Das, Kolkata

ToT- Tower of Terraces.

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationMumbai, India
Project locationRanchi, Jharkand, India
CompanyPrashant Sutaria Architects (PSA)
Lead ArchitectPrashant Sutaria
Design TeamStructural Consultant - Durga Singh Deora, MEP Consultant - Faircon Uno, Working Drawings - Hemant Mestry, Monali Parab
ClientAman Devcon LLP, Jharkand, India

ToT is conceptualized as a SYMPHONY of vertical and horizontal elements which create interesting volumes and spaces, interplay of light and shadow. White color and use of glass provides an interesting contrast against green landscapes in the foreground. Conceptualized as sky villas, it adopts the elements of villas which this city prefers over conventional apartments. The infinity swimming pool, gym and a multipurpose room at 150 feet above the city provides the right atmosphere for daily fitness activities doubling up as a recreation zone with spectacular views of the city in the evening.