[Barcode Architects - The Muse - COVER IMG] ©Christian van der Kooy

The Muse

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
CompanyBarcode Architects
Lead ArchitectCaro van de Venne
Design TeamDirk Peters, Tim Brans, Hendrik Bloem, Wim Sjerps, Sara Picazo, Boris Kozlowski, Marko Koops, Robbert Peters, Egidijus Kasakaitis, Ilaria Ronchi, Ruggero Pedrini
ClientVOF WH69 & Wilma Wonen

Barcode Architects' striking residential tower The Muse is located in the up-and-coming Maritime District in Rotterdam. The program is focused on comfortable inner-city living, with lots of space for social interaction, a lively plinth, quality private and collective outdoor spaces and features that enhance the living comfort of the residents. The design of The Muse allows for a vibrant resident community within the tower and activates the surrounding street, making the building the epitome of the new urban development currently flourishing in Rotterdam.