Mount Putuo Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Park Design

PrizeSilver in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectCHINA ECADI
Design TeamJunjie Zhang, Jun Zha, Ming Yang, Yang Liu, Yi Chen, Ying Yu, Huaiyu Deng, Yini Jin
ClientMount Putuo Buddhist Association

This project locates in Zhujiajian island which is to the south of Mount Putuo (Mount Putuo is one of four sacred mountains of Buddhism in China).This site covers an area of nine square kilometers which has many advantages, including fabulous scenery, age- old Buddhist culture and convenient transportation. This project raises five core strategies - Strategy One: interaction of south and north Putuo. Strategy Two: organize the external and internal traffic, improve the network of scenic spot and surrounding area; Strategy Three: ecological pattern; Strategy Four: combine the temple landscape and Buddhist mood, inherit the principle of the temple landscape design; Strategy Five: matching of the project region. On the basis of relevance of various projects, this strategy will be helpful to realize rational zoning.