[Filter Architecture - House VLHS - COVER IMG] Vedad Viteskic, Anida Kreco

House VLHS

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina
CompanyFilter Architecture
Lead ArchitectVedad Islambegovic (project leader)
Design TeamVedad Islambegović Ibrica Jasarevic, Asmir Mutevelić, Nedim Mutevelić, Kenan Vatrenjak (co-authors)
Clientwants to remain anonymous

Although it is placed far from the sea, the VLHS House is situated in a sunny Mediterranean surroundings of rural Herzegovinian landscape, below beautiful and rocky southern mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, near breath-taking Neretva River, and relatively close to the rich cultural heritage around and within the city of Mostar. In a conceptual sense, the House recreates culturally conditioned spatial patterns inherent to local urbanity, and at the level of immediate experience it resembles a small Herzegovinian village placed under “one big roof”.