Dalian North Central Railway Station Area Renovation

PrizeBronze in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectCHINA ECADI
Design TeamMing Yang, Jun Zha, Zhongnan Ye, Shasha Huang, Yifei Tian, Hao Wu, Peng Gu
ClientXigang Municipal Government

The area of this district is the most early block in Dalian City, it is the original block in the development of Dalian City.This planning raises relevant design strategies for different developing targets, such as regional industrial improvement, regional spatial characteristics making, regional traffic reconciliation and ecological greening system organization respectively. To drive regional exploitation and construction, the project selects the featured Russian street on the northeast of the station and the neighborhood Mantie dormitory as the starting area for development. Furthermore, this project has finished the detailed design and arrangement which focus on local Business planning and architectural space image in the theme of ‘Amorous feelings of the far east city’, to build a new Dalian city card and a fashionable landmark which is lead by the target of high class leisure and cultural industry development in North Central Railway Station area.