Green City

PrizeSilver in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning
Firm LocationCoral Gables, United States
CompanyValle & Valle, Inc.
Lead ArchitectErick Valle
Design TeamEstela Valle Mahe Brunet Yukai Hisung Arlen Sanchez
ClientLimonar Development

Green City Miami is a model for eco-urbanism situated on 859 acres. This master planned self-sustainable community demonstrates how to integrate a variety of housing options with work place, opportunities for health and wellness, and entertainment all while utilizing renewable energies, recycling rain-water and producing its own food. Population growth projections in Miami-Dade County between 2000 and 2025 was estimated to increase by 700,000 people. Already in 2015 those estimates have been exceeded by more than 2/3 the projections. Growth has reach its limits within the existing fabric, forcing established neighborhoods to organize and object in public meetings to densities that would dwarf their pedestrian scale communities and only bring traffic. Acknowledging the situation, Miami-Dade County has established policies and goals in their comprehensive development master plan (CDMP) process to guide future development. Green City Miami proposes to be a model for implementing the CDMP guidelines. The policies of the county are "Guidelines for an Urban Form," that includes language such as: Policy LU-1F: promotes the inclusion of a variety of housing options. Policy LU-1G: encourages the development of business developments in clusters or nodes at the intersections of major roadways. Policy LU-1I: considers urban design, water and energy conservation and wildlife habitat when designing sites. Policy TU-2G...encouraging the creation of mechanisms to ensure the safe movement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Policy efficient development shall be accomplished through metropolitan and use patterns, site planning, landscaping, building design, and development of multi-modal transportation systems. Green City Miami will have six neighborhoods, each with their own neighborhood centers providing for all the daily needs in distinctly unique environments: 1) Downtown; 2) Mid-Town; 3) East Village; 4) Park Village ; 5) The Preserve; and 6) The Sports Village. This place has the potential of becoming an iconic destination in Miami promoting a life- style for the next millennium.