[DAVIDE MACULLO ARCHITECTS - Ispace - COVER IMG] Aerial view of pavillion amidst the trees/ Corrado Griggi


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationLugano, Switzerland
Lead ArchitectDavide Macullo
Design TeamRossArte Foundation, Municipality of Rossa, Grisons, Parco Val Calanca, Swiss Nature Park, Jung Kim, Lorenza Tallarini, Aileen Forbes-Munnelly
ClientMunicipality of Rossa, Grisons, Switzerland

Set in the woods of the village of Rossa, in the Calanca Valley, Switzerland, ISPACE is a project born out of the idea of combining art and architecture to create environments that stimulate people to perceive the influence of a space on their moods. It is a re-evaluation of the territory, allowing us to rediscover our bond with nature. Ispace is an invitation to discover the paths through the valley and reveals the richness of biodiversity and magic hidden corners of the forest.