[Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes - Pavilion D - ÉTS - COVER IMG] Stéphane Brügger

Pavilion D - ÉTS

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Project locationMontreal, Canada
CompanyMenkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes
Lead ArchitectJulie Morin
ClientÉcole de technologie supérieure - ÉTS

In Pavilion D, architecture and interior design are more than ever intertwined to create a dynamic environment, including collaborative work zones and lively meeting places that promote collaboration and innovation. The glass curtain wall immediately establishes the interior-exterior connection, reinforced by the multiple vertical layers that succeed one another toward the centre of the building. Intervening in turn to frame or punctuate the path, combining transparency, openness, and relief to shape the space, they offer users many ways of inhabiting and appropriating the premises.