Qiujiawu village of master craftsmenship

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationHangzhou , China
Project locationHangzhou, China
CompanyChina United Engineering Corporation \ FangYe ZOYO Architect
Lead ArchitectYe Fang
Design TeamBo Li\Ying Li\Ren Wang\Tao Xu
ClientLiangzhu Street Management Committee

The project is located in Liangzhu,Hangzhou City. It is a village residential renovation project with the concept of "United Nations". According to the original layout and texture, the project is divided into appropriate spatial pattern of density. The functions of the project are divided into residential and work categories, in which the latter contains external functions such as exhibition. The architecture is composed of clear water concrete and glass which reflecting the integration of modernity and tradition.The project has established a cultural landmark for the local people to gather.