[BGLA + Smith Vigeant Architectes Consortium - Christ Roi Elementary School renovation and expansion - COVER IMG] Christ Roi Elementary School renovation and expansion/ Photography Stephane Brugger

Christ Roi Elementary School renovation and expansion

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationMontréal, Canada
Project locationMontreal, Canada
CompanyBGLA + Smith Vigeant Architectes Consortium
Lead ArchitectDaniel Smith and Martin Brière
Design TeamMartin Brière (associate architect-BGLA); Daniel Smith (senior architect & co-founder-Smith Vigeant Architectes), Alexandre Savignet (associate architect-BGLA); Stéphan Vigeant (senior architect & co-founder-Smith Vigeant Architectes); Sabrina Charbonneau (Architect-Smith Vigeant Architectes)
ClientMontreal School Service Center (CSSDM)

Carried out in consortium between the firms BGLA and Smith Vigeant architectes, the project consists of the expansion of the Christ-Roi elementary school of the Montreal School Service Center, Canada. The school was extended over three floors, including nine classrooms, a kindergarten, a daycare service and a gymnasium. The project aimed for creative solutions to successfully integrate both architectural and urban. Creating a harmonious composition, the extension incorporates the principles of the existing building and redefines the school's relationship with its context.