Lookout Tower At Galyateto

PrizeGold in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationBudapest, Hungary
CompanyNart Architects Studio Ltd.
Lead ArchitectCsaba Kovacs, Aron Vass-Eysen
Design Team Agoston Szenthe, Balazs Puskas,Ferenc Rajkai
Client Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség, Egererdő Zrt.

The project is located in the center of the 1100-kilometer long "Blue" national tourist route which passes through the North of Hungary between hills. The look-out tower is an innovative and contextual impact on Galyateto, that will enhance the experience of the second highest peak of Matra mountain's location and nature. It is a found object made of stone. The materials used are quite puritan, the harmony of the extant stone quarry and exposed concrete prevails in the building's reconstruction and extension. Together the old and new materials create a contemporary built environment. The Galyateto lookout tower is situated the highest among the lookout towers in Hungary, top of this is 1000 meters. Through the years the trees have grown above the building’s top level, it craved for heightening. The top level was elevated in the form of a reinforced concrete addition. In the inner core of the extension's concrete structure are 3 bivouac shelters lighted with colourful circular windows, creating a special atmoshpere for the hikers who hanker to get some rest through their journey. After the significant structural reconstruction, the retained outer wall also plays a new role. The double mass of the inner core and the encircling steel stair-system is closed with a fine, rare woven stainless steel mesh on the external plane of the stairs. The project is another gem matching into the series of NartArchitects XXS architecture.