Terrazza Triennale

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationMilano, Italy
CompanyOpen Building Research
Lead ArchitectOBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi
Design TeamOBR, Milan Ingegneria, Antonio Perazzi, Artiva Design, Buro Happold, Francesco Nastasi, GAD, Maddalena D’Alfonso, Rossi Bianchi lighting design  
ClientTriennale di Milano
Project Videohttp://

Designed by OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi, the new restaurant on the terrace of the Palazzo dell’Arte is one of the most significant initiatives of Milano Triennale Design Museum. OBR, winner of the design competition held by La Triennale di Milano, has designed the restaurant as a transparent glasshouse immersed in vegetation and suspended above the Parco Sempione, shadowed by a scenographic canopy, with a spectacular view of the Castello Sforzesco and the entire city skyline. As the guests reach the terrace through the panoramic elevator, the aromatic essence’s flavour of the vegetable garden welcomes the visitors. The pavilion, which can be completely opened up all the way around its perimeter, is characterized by a light modular structure of stainless steel that allows easy and rapid assembly and dismantling directly on site, combining industrial technologies with craft skills. The garden embraces the whole glass pavilion (32 x 4 meters), which is supported by a light temporary metal structure designed to follow the rhythm of the historical palace’s arcades below. Thanks to the dynamic and combined use of the mobile curtain and the sliding panels, the pavilion can suit the climatic and environmental conditions like a bioclimatic, thermo-regulating glasshouse, ensuring comfort with a minimal contribution from air- conditioning and heating systems and allowing it to be used in different ways over the course of the day and the seasons. Thus, the glass pavilion works as a greenhouse, becoming itself a temperature- controlled arrangement adjusting to the seasons, the hours of the day, allowing dining in the shade or under the stars. The pavilion and its canopy make the rooftop of the Palazzo dell'Arte of La Triennale di Milano become a powerful public common space, where the view of the city becomes the common good shared by the citizens and their guests.