Hacienda Niop

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm Location, Mexico
Lead ArchitectAs Arquitectura & R79
Design TeamXavier Abreu Sacramento - Alejandra Abreu Sacramento - Roberto Ramirez Pizzaro
Project Videohttp://

The constant change of use, the presence of different architectural styles, and the passing of the years, made from Niop a very different place in outline and operation from the conception of a traditional Hacienda in Southeast Mexico. Given the emerging culture to recover the traditions and look at the past, this project seeks to transform this group of buildings that were previously occupied by livestock and textiles into a Recreation area, Boutique Hotel , Grand ballroom, Weekend residence and why not, a place to forget about the hustle and burden of everyday life. The project, located in Champoton, Campeche, consist of a series of subtle interventions ranged from the generality of reordering the zoning of their uses, to the particularity of solving the most intricate detail of how the contemporary merges with pre-existing. So it is defined that in this new use, the program shall include a restaurant, banquet rooms, sanitary and support facilities, large open spaces for holding various events, rooms, villas and many spaces for reflection and isolation.