Mississauga Transitway_Elevated Station_Central Parkway

Mississauga Transitway

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyIBI Group
Lead ArchitectLisa D'Abbondanza, Associate Director; Chuck Beamish, Director
Design TeamWSP/MMM Group: Civil and Structural Engineers and Landscape Architecture; HH Angus: Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, LEED Consultants, Lighting Design; Panya Clark Espinal: Integrated Public Art; Entro Communications: Branding Signage & Wayfinding; DesignABLE Environments: Accessibility Design; Contractor, Dufferin Construction
ClientCity of Mississauga, Transportation & Works Department

The Mississauga Transitway is a 10 station, 18km, BRT system that serves the City of Mississauga while integrating into the key transit corridors of the Greater Toronto Area. The stations have a prominent identity and a context-sensitive design approach that form the foundation of an emerging regional transit network and act as a catalyst for the urban intensification, civic improvement, and economic growth of the city. At each station the prototype design is adapted to the neighbouring geography as well as existing and future developments and may therefore be elevated, submerged or at-grade.