PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationTirana, Albania
Project location'Sami Frasheri' Street, Tirana, Albania
CompanyAtelier 4
Lead ArchitectOlsi Efthimi
Design TeamAlbani Efthimi, Andi Efthimi, Altini Premti
ClientMinistry of Culture

Arturbina is located in a former industrial building, on the southern part of Tirana. Before the project, the site consisted of an officer building, next to it an abandoned industrial hangar and a backyard used informally as a parking lot. This project aims to preserve the memory of the old building and convert it into a theatre turbine that produces art, hence the name art + turbina. All the entrances are open facing the plaza. The project folds the plaza with new full length stairs, reaching the abandoned ground level of the of the residential building creating a link between them.