[SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd - Babbuza Dreamfactory - COVER IMG] Babbuza Dreamfactory at night

Babbuza Dreamfactory

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm LocationNantou City, Taiwan
Project locationNantou City, Taiwan
CompanySHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd
Lead ArchitectBrad Williamson

The Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory is a groundbreaking architectural project that embodies the efforts of Taiwanese storage solution manufacturer Shuter Enterprise to solve the ecological imbalances in manufacturing. The central feature of the architectural design is a 30.8-meter-tall wooden structure, aptly named the Tree of Life. The walls are made of translucent, breathable polycarbonate. Other sustainable elements include a 4,030 sqm solar photovoltaic energy system and a 228,650 liters rainwater harvesting system. It is also a tourism factory, featuring a world-first Austronesian museum.