Niagara College Welland Student Commons

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyGow Hastings Architects
Lead ArchitectPhilip Hastings
Design TeamGow Hastings Architects: Philip Hastings, Partner-in-Charge; Valerie Gow, Interior Designer; Jim Burkitt, Design Director; Hugo Martins, Project Manager; ENSO Systems - Mechanical & Electrical, WSP - Structural, Paula Hicks Food Service - Food Service, MGM Consulting - Civil, PMA Landscape - Landscape
ClientNiagara College

Surrounded by Ontario’s escarpment, the Student Commons is a 35,000 sf two-storey hub that establishes a welcoming heart for the student community. The double-height addition breathes life into the 1970s Welland Campus with new student areas and a north-facing entrance that enables natural light to uplift the student experience. Playful details reinvigorate the campus, including X and O shaped pendant lights, whimsical circular LED lights, and supergraphics that are visible from outside. Oversized lettering, chevrons, and dots on the glazed expanse give an instantly recognizable brand.