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PrizeMedium Firm of the Year Award in Multi-Disciplinary Interior Design, Interior Design Firm of The Year
Company SizeMedium
Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
CompanyKossmann.dejong exhibition architects

At Kossmann.dejong we offer a unique approach to exhibition design: we tell stories through well-designed spatial experiences. Our innovative approach to storytelling results in narrative environments that translate information, ideas and objects into thought-provoking, spatial stories that inform, engage and inspire visitors.
Kossmann.dejong has grown into an award-winning international design studio based in Amsterdam. The firm creates temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums, visitor centres, historic sites and interiors. No matter the subject, Kossmann.dejong’s designs are characterized by strong connections between content and imagination. We achieve this by our interdisciplinary design team and ability to work cohesively with partners and stakeholders. Projects include Micropia in Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam (NL), Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (NL), Wonderkamers in Municipal Museum The Hague (NL), National Maritime Museum in Helsingør (DK) and the Urbanian Pavilion at the World Expo Shanghai 2010.