THE-Studio (Tsinghua Eco Studio)

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Institutional Architecture
Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanySup Atelier
Lead ArchitectYehao Song
Design Team Jingfen Sun, Xiaojuan Chen, Zhenghao Lin, Dongchen Han, Dan Xie
ClientTHHDG, Guian New District Government

THE-Studio (Tsinghua Eco Studio) is the
first demonstrating and experimental Nearly
Zero Energy Building of the Gui'an
Innovation Park in southwest China, which
locates in the park's entrance and connects
with the constant ecological sponge city
landscape, providing an extremely
fascinating scenery for both users and
visitors. Moreover, its two floors above
ground can serve as large-space exhibition,
VIP reception & conference and daily office,
while the one single underground floor can
act as the equipment and storage area. THE-
Studio is both a practical demonstration
case which deeply integrates sustainable
design strategies with ecological
technologies, and an experimental platform
for sustainable architecture based on the
Moderate Zone in southwest China, aiming to
examine whether the detailed design methods
and building technologies can truly suit to
the local conditions of climate, culture and
even economy. Oriented to the specific
project positioning, the design team has
developed the multi-system integrated design
strategy with the sustainable passive design
methods from the very early design phase to
minimize the negative impacts to local
ecological system while maximizing the
indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

SUP ATELIER focuses on sustainable design and theory both in the fields of architecture and urban design, while highly promoting the combination of modern design and vernacular architecture in China.