Chengdu City Music Hall

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectAndrew Bromberg at Aedas

Located at the Wuhou district in Chengdu,
China, the Chengdu City Music Hall complex
balances cultural components within a dense
urban environment disconnected from its
traditional connection to nature. The
traditional Chinese landscape paintings or
shan shui paintings – ‘shan’ refers to
mountain and ‘shui’ to river – are evolved
from the surrounding Sichuan landscapes. The
use of positive and negative spaces in this
art form portrays an interesting balance
between the physical and the ephemeral. These
relationships were explored in how to balance
the ‘imagined’ creations of the performance
venues and school of arts with the ‘tangibles’
of the buildings which contain them.

The physical line between the tangible and the
ephemeral was celebrated as a stepped public
series of connected terraces. Beneath these
terraces are the varying volumes of venues
below. Above these terraces are topographic
bamboo gardens which provide an impression of
the surrounding mountains. These accessible
terraces step from the tall dense urban fabric
towards the west and down to the more human
scale pedestrian district to the east. The
eastern edge is defined by an informal plaza
which connects the project to the river and
the arts district through the pedestrian
‘Music Avenue’.