[Blur Workshop - BeltLine Mixed Use - COVER IMG] BeltLine Mixed-Use: Prefabricated Modular Living

BeltLine Mixed Use

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationAtlanta, United States
CompanyBlur Workshop
Lead ArchitectTim Keepers
Design TeamScott Sickeler

This project is a study for a modularized mixed use project in which each residential unit is prefabricated and plugged into a super structure. The modules then connect to water and electrical which are built in to the post tensioned slabs. There are two major drivers in this project. The first is the shifting of the residential modules which will allow for "interior" porches for each residential unit along the interior hallway. This will allow for a communal "front porch" space for each unit. The second driver is the inclusion of exterior porches & spaces witch include a lot of plant life.