Sancaklar Mosque

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm Location, Turkey
CompanyEAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
Lead ArchitectEmre Arolat

Sancaklar Mosque aims to address the
fundamental issues of designing a mosque by
distancing itself from the current
architectural discussions on form and focusing
solely in the essence of religious space. The
main issue was a confrontation with the
classical Ottoman mosque scheme, which became
a blank anachronism with today’s construction

The design aimed at representing the purest
forms of light and matter free from all
cultural burdens. The building anchors to the
ground as if it has always been there, getting
rid of all temporal and cultural engagements.

The high walls depict a clear boundary between
the chaotic outer world and the serene
atmosphere of the public park creating a
feeling of purification and humbleness without
a concern for ornament. The space may be
defined then as a meditation and thinking area
where contrary to all other mosques, women
have the chance to pray in the same row as the

The building blends with the topography and
the outside is left behind as one moves
through the landscape. The interior becomes a
dramatic and awe inspiring place to pray where
the contrast between the natural stone and the
concrete enhance a dual relationship between
man-made and natural.