Mortuary chapel for the Soriano-Manzanet family

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm LocationValencia, Spain
Lead ArchitectFernando Vegas & Camilla Mileto
Design TeamArchitects: Fernando Vegas López-Manzanares y Camilla Mileto Quantity Surveyor: Salvador Tomás Márquez Team members: M. Soledad García Sáez, Lidia García Soriano y F. Javier Gómez Patrocinio Pottery artist: Enric Mestre Structural calculations: Adolfo Alonso Durà Lighting: Elías Hurtado Pérez Vault builder: Salvador Gomis Aviñó Construction company: Construcciones Angose S.A. Stone treatment: Noema Restauradores S.L.
ClientSoriano-Manzanet family

This vault was created as a tribute both to the region’s rich ceramic-making tradition and to the characteristic tile vault technique. An enormous effort was required to design the pantheon and the final solution was only agreed on after 23 variations aiming for optimum aesthetic and structural results. All the curves in the pantheon were produced using catenary profiles. The vault is comprised of four interlinked hyperbolic paraboloids and is very light yet incredibly resistant because of its curves. Centering was not required and only some metal guides were used to ensure curvature was guaranteed at all times. The vaulted structure was carefully studied so that entire bricks could be used, avoiding trimmings or patching up joints. It was built using only brick, gypsum and white cement, and did not require reinforced concrete.