Lubavitch Aventura South Congregation

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm LocationBay Harbor Islands, United States
Lead ArchitectJaime Schapiro AIA
Design TeamEder Boo Barbara Garcia
ClientLubavitch Aventura South Congregation

Lubavitch Aventura South is a Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox Synagogue located in the City of Aventura, Florida. A house of prayer, study, and assembly. Our design and program reflects all of these functions. The 62"building has 41,760 S.F. in the three levels. The first floor consists of the entry lobby, the Main Sanctuary with the Men’s section, the Social Hall, Kitchen, and Bathrooms. The design is simple and balanced with an axis running from East to West which connects the main sanctuary, sitting 392 congregants, to the lobby and to the social hall in order to accommodate over 1200 members for the Jewish High Holidays. It also has a daily chapel. The second floor consists of the sanctuary women’s balcony, classrooms, the administrative offices, and a sukkah area. The building merges the practical requirements with a design expressive of its with a design expressive of its symbolic purpose conveying a sense of the cultural and religious meaning of Judaism in an urban, tropical Floridian context. The main sanctuary is crowned with a patina green copper dome raising 55' which gives the space an eclectic feel and at the same time expresses the unity of the Jewish people and their Eastern origin.