University of Miami Lakeside Village Student Housing

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationMiami, United States
Lead ArchitectBernardo Fort Brescia
Design TeamDesign Architect and Architect of Record, Arquitectonica; Contractor, Moss Construction; Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineer, Hufsey-Nicolaides Garcia Suarez Associates; Structural Engineer, Thornton Tomasetti; Civil Engineer, Edwards & Partners; Interior Design, Arquitectonica Interiors and University of Miami; Landscape Architect, ArquitectonicaGEO; Lighting, O’Brien Lighting; LEED, Sequil
ClientUniversity of Miami

University of Miami’s Lakeside Village Student Housing is an architectural and sustainable community housing 1,115 students in 25, 7-story, interconnected buildings. At 569,000 SF, the development resembles the popular live, work, play model, creates a hub for academic, cultural and recreational activities on the 12-acre site. Included are classrooms, offices, music and study rooms, a meditation room, a 200-seat auditorium, an exhibition hall, outdoor gym and volleyball courts. The eco-friendly design includes 60,000 SF of green roofs which also collects rainwater for use in the rain gardens.