Han Gang Wishbone

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Design TeamHSnK, Peter Olendzki (Entuitive)
ClientSeoul Metropolitan Government
Project Videohttp://

The Han Gang Wishbone is amphibious architecture that seamlessly connects water and land, leisure and tourism, people and culture. Inspired by a wishbone—the fused clavicular bone in birds that strengthens their thoracic skeletons and enables them to withstand the rigours of flight—the Wishbone is at once elegant and robust, tailored to respond to cultural, commercial, and climatic contexts. The Wishbone integrates all projects into one fluid design move. An elevated, partially canopied boardwalk frames the public plaza, features the Yeouijong shops and restaurants, and culminates in the U-shaped Yeoui Naru Ferry Terminal. The bifurcated Terminal structure opens gracefully onto the river, offering unobstructed vistas and gathering spaces for leisure and performance while meeting the functional requirements of a transportation hub. Anchored by two rotating hydraulic hinges, the Ferry Terminal rises and “takes flight” when the Han River swells, preserving its integrity and function in all weather. With its cohesive language and double emphasis on experience and functionality, the Wishbone is a beacon and destination for the citizens of Seoul and tourists alike.