Gates of Light

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Heritage Architecture
Firm LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
CompanyStudio Roosegaarde
Lead ArchitectDaan Roosegaarde
Design TeamStudio Roosegaarde
ClientThe Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk.

GATES OF LIGHT is the permanent installation which illuminates 60 buildings through retro reflection using the headlamps of passing cars. As you drive through, the historical floodgates light up and create a futuristic landscape of light without using electricity. The new futuristic entrance of the Afsluitdijk is GATES OF LIGHT which brings the 60 monumental floodgates back to their glory. Every day more than 20.000 cars pass by the GATES OF LIGHT. The structures, which were originally designed by Dirk Roosenburg, have been fully renovated and augmented with a retro-reflective layer.