SanBaoPeng Art Museum

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyDl Atelier
Lead ArchitectLiu Yang
Design Team Hu Mohuai, Sun Xinye, Deng Huahui, Zhang Ruiyi, Wang Kun, Lu Xuwen
ClientSanbaopeng Art Organization

There will be a quiet museum lying in the valley. The 150
meter long loam walls grow from earth. After walking
through the woods, visitors will be attracted by the
outstretched eaves. Clear sound of water makes people
calm down, and the space ahead lead one into the cryptic
but joyful world.
Multiple choices are provided in the museum, visitors can
go up and down, feel the delight stream or peaceful pond,
enjoy the exhibition or relax in the corner. The different
choices bring rich experience, which is a enriched
relationship between porcelain and designers. Every visit
happens between human and architecture will become a
story of discovery, expectation, waiting, anxiety,
disappointment and joy.