Parish Church in Pueblo Serena

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Institutional Architecture
Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
CompanyMoneo Brock
Lead ArchitectJeffrey Brock - Moneo Brock
Design TeamIrene Alberdi, Andrés Barrón, Fabrice Leray, Jaime Salvador, Sara Pericacho, Irene Hernádez, Juan Galloso
ClientPlaza Huajuco Uno Sapi de CV

The church’s main entry opens right onto a
plaza, which functions as an annex to the
church. Above the entry canopy, the façade is
a large flat wall, an emphatic and square
plane, declarative of the otherness of the
space within: the sacred space of the church
The spaces of the temple represent the
development of an architectural language with
a long history, speaking of continuity but
also renewal.
The volumetric concept of the church derives
from traditional church plans, and the design
presents recognizable architectural features
taken from early Christian temple prototypes,
such as the bell tower, the stained-glass
windows, the frontal altar, the baptistery,
the choir, the three chapels and the lateral
The plan is that of a basilica, with a
rectangular central nave some 15 meters high.
Behind the baptistery a long glass wall runs
the length of the nave giving views of an
enclosed patio. Above this area is a version
of a rose window. To the southeast, three
small chapels each enjoy daylight from high
skylights. Finally, above the altar is a
forth skylight, whose light washes down behind
an inclined panel cut into four sections to
reveal a large Latin cross.