Odette Estate Winery

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm LocationSt Helena, United States
CompanySignum Architecture
Lead ArchitectJuancarlos Fernandez
Design Team
ClientOdette Estate
Project Videohttp://

The owners' goal with this winery is to create elegant and feminine wines, which they sought to reflect in the architecture. The side view of the facility evokes the sweeping curve of a swan's wing, inspired by the Tchaikovsky ballet character Odette. This unique production building adds an organic element to the light and modern hospitality facilities already on the property. The round footprint responds to its location, tucked into a natural cove made by hillsides on three sides. The living roof appears to have been pushed up from the earth to reveal the veil-like screen of perforated aluminum that shelters the work pad at the front of the facility. Inside the screen, a line of tall, dark panels in voluptuous shapes can be slid across the space, creating a whimsical entry that is screened from office and winery activities beyond. Built to LEED Gold standards and using 3 repurposed shipping containers as offices, the design expresses the owners' commitment to sustainable wine production. The perforated metal screen at the entrance both performs and delights. The screen is back-lit to glow in the evening, and the perforations allow for ventilation of the tunnels.