TSC Anyong Fresh Lab

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectChung-yei Sheng
Design Team Jill Yang, Orange Kahn, Cheih Lai, Adolfo de Antonio
Project Videohttp://

TSC-Anyong Fresh Lab began with CAS (Cells Alive System) technology introduced by TSC Anyong biotechnology. They want to build a tourism factory in Su’ao relies on its geological advantage. The idea is to emphasize the interaction between the factory and customer, and optimize the relation between factory and the surrounding environment. On the architectural design approach, we allow the building to blends into environment like chameleon change its skin coloration based on temperature, light intensity, and physical condition. We created multiple geometrically perforated metal panel systems in different colors and different sizes of holes rearranged into a large piece of exterior skin around the overall steel structure. The panel offer different types of astonishing feature and expression on the skin surface according to seasonal variations and changes of weather. Anyong Fresh Lab produced various fishery products to local markets and restaurants nearby. Our products produce from the four main production processing lines inside the factory. By placing each processing space intricately, and rearrange into a better circulation, we obtain a large visitor space in the center. With bridges and escalators intricately piled up mix with visitor instant interaction, the idea is to represents complexity involved inside the factory.