QUIN Automotive Mexico

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm LocationNarvarte, Mexico
Lead ArchitectMoritz Melchert, Juan Carlos Vidals
ClientQUIN Automotive

QUIN is a project which was designed in 2015 and built in 2016, in the City of San Luis Potosi. It comprises an industrial plant, an administrative building and a parking lot.The general design strategy consisted in analyzing the necessities of the industrial process and the operative character of the plant, thus an urban master plan was suggested which is related with the necessities of the future growth of the company. The project was designed without losing the habitable scale from each space, which grants the well-being of the people who work inside this complex. The solution of this ensemble is prospected in three stages whose architectural character is sober, contemporary and monumental. The first phase, consists of the industrial plant, an administrative building, exterior machinery and public areas. On an urban level the different elements from the ensemble connect through a public space, formed by attractive stairs with benches, where the employees can enjoy the outdoor environment. A saw-tooth roof covers the stairs and connects the two main areas, giving it a contemporary and recognizable industrial look. A continuous green belt was designed around all buildings, creating a green shock absorber” between the project and its industrial context.