Chicken Coop

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Agricultural Buildings
Firm LocationDenver, United States
CompanyTomecek Studio Architecture
Lead ArchitectTomecek Studio
Design TeamGBA Construction
Project Videohttp://

The chicken enclosure as apart of the larger Black Hills Homestead is meant to be a modern take on what a chicken coop can be, while still satisfying the programmatic and environmental requirements of a quality coop. The roosting house is elevated off the ground to provide protection from wildlife, airflow circulation through the house, and to provide extra square footage for the run. The house has rear access doors to allow for easy egg harvesting and cleaning. The translucent cube, which encloses their run, is ventilated by a series of perforations and provides both human and chick access to the run. Architecturally, the primary goal was to elevate the design of a typically uninspired structure, without sacrificing its effectiveness. The purity of a translucent cube with a solid nesting box insert is enhanced by the use of durable, modern materials to create a truly unique, agricultural form.