Wine chateau in Slavonia

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Agricultural Buildings
Firm LocationZagreb, Croatia
CompanyDva Arhitekta
Lead ArchitectTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric
Design TeamMaja Marosi Pezo, Tomislav Burgund, Dejan Sparovec

The winery was designed for a prominent local
winemaker, to be built in the heart of
Slavonia, the winemaking area in continental
Croatia. The site is situated in the
beautiful 'Golden valley' where lush slopes,
predominantly southern exposition and
continental climate properties are ideally
suited to winegrowing. Faced with perfectly
intact nature, we rejected the idea of a
building dominating over the environment,
opting instead to treat it with respect and
use mimicry as a design tool. We placed the
winery into the existing hill, carving it
only where necessary. This decision was also
benefitial in terms of energy consumption
allowing for inner climate control and
lighting to be solved naturally, which suits
the main inhabitant of the house - wine.
Overall structure is concrete, covered by a
green roof. Spreading over 3000 sqm on three
floors, the winery comprises a display and
tasting area, as well as a production
facility. Serving as a local landmark, the
winery is meant to become the corner stone of
a touristic village to be built sometime in