Penghu Qingwan Cactus Park

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Agricultural Buildings
Firm LocationTaipei City , Taiwan
CompanyCCL Architects & Planners
Lead ArchitectCHI-CHIN LIN
Design TeamCCL Architects & Planners Co-Forest Environment Design Association LUNG-CHIN CHANG CHIEN, CHANG-LIN JIANG, TSUNG-JUI CHANG, CHENG-TA KUNG, YU-SHIN SHIH
ClientPenghu County Government,TAIWAN

Qingwan Cactus Park was an abandoned military base during the Japanese Colonial Era and was rebuilt after being expropriated by the county government. The project, consisting of the cactus park, artists village, and environmental landscape, possesses great sea views that relax people. The parks are mainly greenhouses designed with elements associated with cactuses; its purpose is to conserve cactuses and basaltic landscape. The artists village is located at an old coastal guard site by the sea. The beautiful beach line consisting of reef rocks and fjords make it a perfect place for artists to create work. To revitalize the old buildings at the site and preserve their original looks at the same time, the design used is mainly placement and face-lifting. Environmental landscape is the green belt that connects the traffic flow of various greenhouses and creates the look and feel of a park. Penghu Qingwan Cactus Park has transformed from the important military base in the past to the new tourist attraction. After seven years’ planning and construction, the park is not only a place where exhibits different types of cactuses but also a land that nourishes the cactus and dragon fruit business and creative works.