Ankara Office Tower

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
Firm LocationCambridge, United States
CompanyAnmahian Winton Architects
Lead ArchitectAlex Anmahian & Nick Winton
Design TeamAnmahian Winton Architects: Alex Anmahian Nick Winton Project Managers: Aaron Bruckerhoff Todd Thiel Project Architects: Mazen Sakr Sydney Thiel Project Team: Makoto Abe Greg Burchard Nelson Crosby Julia Davis Anika Gramsey Birgit Wurster
ClientDolphin Overseas Fund, LLC
Project Videohttp://

Ankara Office Tower is an office building serving high-tech companies in Ankara, Turkey, that responds to client aspirations for a new market of design-driven office space. Integrated environmental design strategies, access to natural light and views, and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure increase building efficiency, enhance office culture, and appeal to a demanding tenant cohort. Sited where disparate neighborhoods, building types, daily activity, and traffic corridors come together, Capitol Vista is a focal point for the district. Within this context, the building is set back from the highway, creating an urban garden and landscaped pedestrian connector, enhancing the experience of passage and providing moments of repose. The Tower is distinguished from its surroundings by clarity of expression: a simple geometric glass volume encasing a stack of large-scale, horizontal louvers, set in a lush landscape. Exterior mullions with inflected profiles control solar gain, and interior louvers integral to the curtain wall give tenants individual daylight control. Together, this innovative assembly is transformative. The sculptural mullions create different patterns, depending on the sun’s position and the pedestrian’s perspective, and as the wood louvers open or close according to interior needs, the building appears permeable or reflective, revealing patterns of use and activity within.