EY Centre

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings, Winner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
CompanyFrancis-Jones Morehen Thorp
Lead ArchitectRichard Francis-Jones
Design TeamJohnathan Redman Soenke Dethlefsen Peter Dawson Steven Wu Natalie Fan Martin Hallen Pray Mathur Stephen Pratt Owen Sharp
ClientMirvac Projects Pty Ltd

The EY Centre is one of Australia’s most environmentally advanced and sustainable buildings, with initiatives carried through from design and construction to delivery. It is a building that reinterprets and honours the uniqueness and history of this place, positioned at the edge of Sydney’s Tank- Stream. At the heart of this project is both workplace design and city making. We envisaged a different type of city tower; warm, human and responsive, to create a healthy and sustainable workplace. Embracing natural materials, it appears in the city as a tower made of timber rising out from the greyness of its neighbours.  This is achieved through a facade made from multiple layers. The outer layer is a single sheet of low iron clear glass, behind which is a layer of automated louvres of natural timber, located within a sealed, air-pressured cavity that is clean and dust free, and finally the inner layer is a double glazed high performance insulating unit. The envelope is a responsive skin, a kinetic architecture, adjusting automatically to the position of the sun and time of day to control heat load and sky glare. It showcases an activated ground floor plane with retail and bespoke public art.