Apartment in Minami-Azabu

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Recreational Architecture
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyHiroyuki Moriyama Architect and Associates Inc,
Lead ArchitectHiroyuki Moriyama

Located in the densely populated areas in
The site , an elongated square to the east
and west , the frontage 7m, depth 20m, is
located in the middle of a gentle plateau.

Though the site frontage is narrow and locate
the slope areas ,and also permitted only 4
by the legal constraints,we are asked to plan
the 5 houses from client .

While cramming the volume as much as possible
in a narrow site of the dense residential
maximizing floor area , with consideration to
the line of sight interference
and ventilation , brithtness of dwelling
it becomes a theme how we secure the
connection with the environment.

Rather than draw a clear boundary line
between the dwelling and nature ,or city and
the architecture,
by using a vertical domain that considers the
moderate distance between environment and
we hope the place settled as where the
dwellings,nature and the city are mixed and
well harmonized.