OCT 72 Courtyard

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationKunming, China
CompanyChengdu jiugexu Design Co., Ltd
Lead ArchitectLiao Xu
Design TeamSun Ning, Huang Yu, Weng Lei, Rao Mingqiang
ClientChengdu Luodai Overseas Chinese Town Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

As a typically traditional Chinese-style building, it has a long and narrow layout with insufficient lighting.the interior is dark and cold compared with the courtyard with great natural light. In addition, the budget is seriously insufficient, with only 30 days available from design to completion of construction. 1.Keep the original architectural element symbols as much as possible,2.Make it stand out while integrated with the surrounding environment,3.Create a sense of freshness, kindness and friendliness,4.Visually open and transparent, allow sunlight to flow in the space.