De Geluksvogel

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationEindhoven, Netherlands
Lead ArchitectMisak Terzibasiyan

Two existing schools in two neighbouring
locations in Maastricht are merging into a
new school on a new location in that city.
This particular location was chosen to
strengthen the weak social structure of the
two neighbourhoods and to introduce a new
digital education system to learn also more
about the environment, nature and
sustainability. Even the playground outside
has different zones to help children (re)
discover nature and explore their world by
means of experiments or to build and test
The digital way of teaching is for the most
part paperless (virtual), which is
represented in the architecture of the
building. It shows a brick element with
random messages in binary code (1 and 0) on
the façade, as a reflection of this
digitalized education system and the virtual
reality in which we live today. The façade
acts as the messenger of our digital world.
Not in a direct, obvious way but more
indirect, by the irregular placing of the
bricks in patterns.

The founder and owner of UArchitects, Misak Terzibasiyan, is personally and professionally focusing on an international context as well as on the influence of cultural themes. This is mainly based on his ethnical background, whereas Misak Terzibasiyan was born 22-09-1964 in Helsinki (Finland). He studied at the University of Technology in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) on the department Architecture, Building Technology and City Planning. He has been working at international architectural offices before founding UArchitects in the cultural architectural icon, the city of Eindhoven.